Social Organizations

Through the strategic alliances the Foundation seeks three objectives:

  1. Guarantee access to justice for the vulnerable population that is served by different social organizations.
  2. Assist the institutional legal needs of non-profit entities with low economic capacity.
  3. Develop projects of collective impact that benefit people with limited economic resources.
Services for strategic allies
  1. Institutional advice to non-profit organizations without financial resources to pay a lawyer.
  2. Legal support in projects that favor their beneficiaries (legal education, care brigades, investigations, etc.)
  3. Refer individual cases of beneficiaries to the foundation’s network of lawyers.
  4. Training for non-profit entities in legal matters
    If you work in a social organization it can be a:

i) pro bono client if it is a non-profit entity with scarce financial resources and if you only want to receive institutional legal advice (in this case fill out the form “request a lawyer”)

ii) a strategic ally if you work for the vulnerable population and want that population to access pro bono services and collective impact projects (in this case, contact

Services portfolio

1. Institutional Advice:

Execution axes:

  • Tax
  • Labor
  • Corporate


In the following areas of execution:

  • Identification of legal needs of the population
  • Trainings on legal education
  • Legal Assistance Brigades
  • Public incident
  • Strategic litigation

3. Training

Workshops aimed at work teams of non-profit entities on common legal needs of this type of institutions.

4. Monitoring Committee

Biannual meeting between the ProBono Colombia Foundation and a delegate of the strategic ally. They are generated on the following topics:

  • Review and monitoring of institutional advice.
  • Satisfaction evaluation of services provided.
  • Evaluation of the impact caused in the projects
  • Planning of future pro bono projects.
How to join?