The Foundation works hand in hand with the Universities supporting the process of lawyers in training through an internship program, and promoting the pro bono culture through the organization of talks, seminars and events aimed at the academic community.

Internship Programs

We have worked with more than 300 students who are dedicated to supporting our affiliates in their pro bono cases.

With the experience of the practice, it is intended that the university student achieve:

  • Strengthen the human and professional training.
  • Confront the competencies for autonomous professional performance.
  • Strengthen the culture of ethics and partnership, as an active form of respect, understanding and tolerance with the ideas and behaviors of the other.

Where do the practices take place?

In the facilities of one of our members or within the Foundation, providing the selection process established for it.

How is the selection process?

It consists of two interviews, one by the Foundation team and the second from each of the offices that offer the place.

What is the duration of the internship?

An academic semester according to the requirements of the faculty.

The office chooses the student, the student does not choose the office.

Forums and Workshops
  • Promotion of the responsible exercise of law since its formation.
  • Work articulation with legal office.
  • Referral of cases to the Probono Colombia Foundation, which due to legal competencies can not assume legal offices.
  • Collaborative work with Research Seedlings and Legal Clinics.
  • Cooperation in public advocacy investigations and strategic litigation developed by seedlings and clinics.
How to join?


      The FutSal Cup

      It’s an indoor soccer tournament organized by Fundación ProBono Colombia in which participate firms that are in their network.

      It’s an opportunity to participate, have fun and bond, sharing the best teams from other firms and companies that support the ProBono cause.

      Rock & Law

      It’s an event organized by Fundación ProBono Colombia, in which participate the law firms that are part of its network.

      Through the years, it has constituted itself as the main space of inclusion in the legal community committed to social responsibility.

      It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate amidst rock music the hard work done throughout the year to help the most vulnerable access justice