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When we think of a legal community we usually associate it with many terms and concepts, maybe very technical or even tedious, but seldom times we relate it with something musical, even less with rock.  Well this paradigm is distorted every year by the emblematic event carried out by the ProBono Foundation, Rock & Law. 

Music, dance, lights, prices, bands, laughs and Oscar style decoration characterized the evening, which had two great moments: the ProBono Awards and the presentation of the musical bands of the law firms that make part of the Foundation. 

That’s how the Rock & Law took over Armando Records the 14th november’s night, decorating and dressing the disco with the theme of the year: All Stars, where the red carpet couldn´t miss and by which walked all the guests of the night. These, were anxious and excited to witness the awards, spend a nice time with their workmates and listen to their musical bands or even to be part of the show. 

Thus, the great ProBono Awards seized the first moment of this iconic night. The best law firm, company, coordinator and lawyer of the year took their respective prices for their performances and commitment with the pro bono labor. That’s how the law firm Brigard Urrutia-Brigard Castro was the first awarded of the night for increasing in a 200% the admission of cases comparing last year, support that’s substantially relevant for the Foundation. 

On the other hand, the Cámara de Comercio de  Bogotá was the next star of the night for its leadership in the strengthening of the business social service, having accomplished 320 hours of pro bono work this year and thereby receiving the price of the best ProBono Company for second consecutive year. 

The third prize of the night recognized the role of promoting the free legal work in the work environment, being the winner Martín Ruiz, pro bono coordinator of the law firm Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría, which has increased in a 83% the admission of pro bono cases through this year. 

The next prize distinguished the lawyer that, through this year, was characterized for his commitment and dedication with the vulnerable community, winning by that Daniela López, lawyer at the firm Gómez-Pinzón Abogados, and who achieved more than 65 hours of pro bono work this year. 

As well, in the night the Foundation wanted to give an special recognition to the best Independent ProBono Lawyer for participating in the projects carried out by the Foundation and for fomenting its culture. The winner of this award was Carlos Fernando Guerrero. 

By last, and to finish with the awards of the night, the prize of the ProBono Partner was granted, which was worthy of María Jimena Escandón, for boosting at her law firm the pro bono labor, fulfilling with her duties as coordinator and for carrying out directly cases of this nature. 

After the awards and recognition to those that enable the access to justice, the expected moment by many arrived: the performance of the musical bands. These were feeling the nerves and adrenaline, since the day before at the sound test, for performing in front of more than 900 people. 

Although the event has always been characterized for the presentations of musical bands, mostly of the rock genre, this year everyone was surprised to witness, and some dance, to the rhythm of tropipop, reggaeton and vallenato music. 

At the end of the show full of surprises because of the variety of music genres, creative names of the bands, sticky songs, ingenious costumes and amusing voices, the juries Esther Rojas, Vetto Gálvez and Miguel de Narvaez took the decision of granting the prize to the best band to the law firm Medellín & Durán-Abogados. 

One more time, this sixth edition of the Rock & Law not only reintegrated the community and live another night of legal style rock, but also remembered again the meaning and background of that community, as well as the importance of the pro bono work, to thereby make the access to justice closer and closer for those who consider it unreachable. 



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