How does Fundación ProBono Colombia operate?

Establishing access to justice for those people or organizations that do not have economic resources to access and pay for quality legal services.

This objective is accomplished through a network of members from firms, corporate legal groups, and independent lawyers that take cases in a voluntary, free manner.

Our Objectives


The access to justice administration to vulnerable people and communities and those that serve the public interest but do not count with the economic resources to hire high quality legal advisory.


The pro bono applications for their study, selection, and later handing over to the voluntary lawyers of the network.


The excellent quality of the free legal services that are provided through the pro bono network, the fulfillment of the commitments agreed upon with clients and the ethic standards of the volunteer lawyers that work with Fundación ProBono Colombia.


The pro bono work done by the lawyers between the actors of the profession, national and international organisms, and society in general.


A network of legal pro bono in Colombia, conformed by volunteer lawyers committed to social responsibility.


The demand of unsatisfied legal needs, with the offer of voluntary work from the probono lawyers.


The culture of legal pro bono work within the Colombian legal community.

Work Team

Ana María Arboleda Perdomo

Position: Executive Director

Juan Sebastián Álvarez

 Position: Medellin Regional Coordinator

Jefferson Rincón Salcedo

Position: JSP Proyect Coordinator

Jessika Camargo Salazar

Position: Communications Coordinator

Luis Aldana

Cargo: Cases Coordinator.

María Camila Turriago

Position:Litigation in Family Coordinator 

Olga Barragán Rodríguez

Position: Administrative Coordinator

Sebastián Chaparro Espinosa

Position: Director of cases and clients

Sebastián González

Position: Director of Projects

Board of Directors

  • Adriana Espinosa
    Adriana Espinosa Garrigues
    • Carolina Ariza
      Carolina Ariza Ariza & Marín
      • Daniel Eduardo Bonilla Maldonado
        Daniel Eduardo Bonilla Maldonado Miembro Honorario
        • José Alberto Gaitán
          José Alberto Gaitán Universidad del Rosario
          • Juan Pablo Godoy
            Juan Pablo Godoy Godoy Hoyos - GOH
            • Julián Rojas
              Julián Rojas Pinilla, González & Prieto
              • Marcela González
                Marcela González Parra González
                • Paula Samper Salazar
                  Paula Samper Salazar Miembro Honorario
                  • Richard Galindo
                    Richard Galindo Avianca
                    • Santiago Gutierrez
                      Santiago Gutierrez Lloreda Camacho & Co

                      We foment  ProBono culture through the bonding of the legal community in the following events

                      The Futsal Cup

                      It’s an indoor soccer tournament organized by Fundación ProBono Colombia in which participate firms that are in their network.

                      It’s an opportunity to participate, have fun and bond, sharing the best teams from other firms and companies that support the ProBono cause.

                      Rock & Law

                      It’s an event organized by Fundación ProBono Colombia, in which participate the law firms that are part of its network.

                      Through the years, it has constituted itself as the main space of inclusion in the legal community committed to social responsibility.

                      It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate amidst rock music the hard work done throughout the year to help the most vulnerable access justice.

                      Public Information

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