Pro Bono Actors

Fundación ProBono Colombia gives access to justice to those people or organizations that do not have the necessary resources to hire a lawyer in order to recieve high quality legal services.

This objective is accomplished through a network of members from firms, corporate legal groups, and independent lawyers who take cases in a voluntary and free manner.

People who access quality legal services through Fundación ProBono


Fundación ProBono Colombia works to help the communities, natural and legal persons that don’t count with the resources to hire legal service.

Institutions, companies and affiliated organizations that believe in the Fundación ProBono

Strategic allies that believe and work with the Fundación ProBono.



Independent Lawyers that donate their time for the greater good through Fundación ProBono Colombia.


Fundación ProBono Colombia allows those people who practice law independently to actively participate in its programs and projects, adding a social responsibility aspect to their profession.

Universities that have been linked in the join projects with the Fundación ProBono

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Why to become a member of Fundación ProBono Colombia?

  1. To Bring vulnerable or low income populations an efficient access to quality legal services.
  2. To contribute with the construction of a better country through the practice of the law.
  3. To develop social responsibility projects which make possible the construction of a better country.