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We work to promote and protect the rights of vulnerable populations of our country. Follow the steps to access quality legal services through Fundación ProBono Colombia.

Natural People

Natural people of 1 and 2 public services stratification, or vulnerable condition.

Keep in mind, the services will extend to other public services stratification, if they satisfy with an additional vulnerability condition such as:

  1. Being an elderly
  2. Being a victim of gender violence
  3. Being under age
  4. Being members of LGBTI communities
  5. Having a disability


Legal People

To acces our services your institution or organization must be guided towards a direct social benefit. As an example, it´s end goal should contribute to the well being at the community.

Required documents:

  • Recent certificate of existence and legal representation enacted by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Payroll file, and financial statements of the immediate previous year.
  • Once a lawyer takes your case, the enterprise must do a volunteer contribution to the ProBono Foundation, it will be an agreement that will depend on the advisory that received. The contribution will be made  prior communication with the Cases Coordinator who will gives you the following steps.


Legal People

Para acceder a la asesoría su objeto deberá estar encaminado a beneficiar directamente a la sociedad, es decir, tener un fin social que contribuya con el bienestar de la comunidad. 

Documentos requeridos:

  • Certificado de existencia y representación legal expedido dentro de los dos meses anteriores a la presentación de la solicitud.
  • Archivo de nómina y estados financieros del año inmediatamente anterior.
Natural People

Deben pertenecer a los estratos 1 y 2.

Tenga en cuenta.

Los servicios se extenderán de forma excepcional a personas del estrato 3, solo si cumple con alguna condición adicional de vulnerabilidad  tal como:

  • Ser adulto mayor.
  • Ser víctima violencia de género.
  • Ser niños.
  • Ser miembros de comunidades LGBTI.
  • Ser personas en situación de discapacidad, entre otros.

La incapacidad de pago deberá ser acreditada por medio de la remisión de un recibo de servicio público de su lugar actual de residencia.

Step by step process

1. Click on “Apply for a Lawyer”, and a web page will open, where you will find the steps to continue with your petition.

2. Write down the required information on the form.

3. Once the form is submitted, you will be assigned a file number that you must have present for the rest of the process.

4. Within the next three days of your application, a member from Fundacion ProBono Colombia will communicate with you to realize an interview which will allow us to collect more information. We ask for precise information, so that every relevant fact in your case has the greatest clarity possible.

5. Once the interview has been realized, you should send a service receipt that credits stratification, through email or a whatsapp message.

6. Your case will be included in a Bulletin, which is directed to the firms, legal groups, and independent lawyers who are members of Fundacion ProBono Colombia. The bulletin goes out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so your case will be put to the disposition to the lawyers, so these can decide whether to take it or not.

7. Application not taken. Two weeks after the Bulletin was sent, and in the situation that your case was not taken by any lawyer, the Case Coordinator of Fundacion ProBono Colombia will communicate with you to inform you of the situation and will provide the information of an alternative entity that can take your application.

8. Application taken. Two weeks after the Bulletin has been sent, if your case has been taken by one of the lawyers, they will communicate with you within the next 8 days. That comunnication will be in order to set a meeting to being the advisory session.

Keep in mind:

  • Legal assistance will be lent to natural people or legal persons.
  • You may attach documents you consider necessary to bring more clarity to your application.

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Natural People

Legal People