Fundación ProBono Colombia articulates with the social responsibility areas of its member Companies, in order to develop projects with the communities that benefit from its programs.

Services for Companies
  1. Meetings with the Area of ​​Social Responsibility of the Firm or Company in order to articulate the pro bono program with it.
  2. Advice for the implementation of the pro bono program.
  3. Advice on the drafting of the Internal Pro Bono Policies Manual, as a document appropriate to the work needs of the Association, the guidelines of the Foundation and the provisions of the Pro Bono Declaration for the American Continent.
  4. Support in the consolidation process of the Pro Bono Committee.
  5. Possibility of being part of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, in accordance with the provisions of its bylaws.
  6. Make the contact so that the firm is a signatory of the “Pro Bono Declaration for the American Continent” that is guarded by CYRUS R. VANCE CENTER.
  7. Training for pro bono coordinators in the management of the “Case System”.
  8. Weekly referral of the Pro Bono Case Bulletin.
  9. Participation of pro bono coordinators in the “Coordinator Committees”.
  10. Possibility of having a pro bono practitioner who supports the Firm, Company or Independent Lawyer in handling pro bono cases.
  11. Possibility of having a judicial dependent to support the Association in the review of pro bono cases that are in judicial headquarters.
  12. Participation in the different events organized in the year by the Foundation [1].
  13. Pro bono In House (direct and personalized attention to the needs of the firm)
    * The cost of the events carried out by the Foundation varies according to the type of activity carried out, some of them free for its members.
Award "ProBono Company of the year"

It’s an acknowledgment made by the Foundation to that company that has stood out for significantly strengthening the corporate social responsibility structure internally, creating an enabling and motivating environment for the performance of pro bono work by its lawyers.

  • The recognition of the pro bono hours invested by its professionals in each of the causes derived by the Foundation.
  • The formation of a pro bono coordination team.
  • The development of internal policies on case management and of course.
  • Constant support for lawyers who assume pro bono causes.

As evidence of an institutional framework that promotes the social commitment of lawyers, through the provision of free legal services, echoing the speech of the ProBono Colombia Foundation.

The ProBono company of the year will be that legal group that demonstrates that it has incorporated pro bono work as a substantial element of its business, that is, as one of its lines of action and impact.

How to join?



      The Futsal Cup

      It’s an indoor soccer tournament organized by Fundación ProBono Colombia in which participate firms that are in their network.

      It’s an opportunity to participate, have fun and bond, sharing the best teams from other firms and companies that support the ProBono cause.

      Rock & Law

      It’s an event organized by Fundación ProBono Colombia, in which participate the law firms that are part of its network.

      Through the years, it has constituted itself as the main space of inclusion in the legal community committed to social responsibility.

      It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate amidst rock music the hard work done throughout the year to help the most vulnerable access justice.